Steps in the right direction

The 3D Multifunction Lymphactive Pedometer counts up to 99,999 steps a day while measuring walking time, distance, walking speed and burned calories and includes a clock.

The advanced 3-axis accelerometer mechanisms can count steps accurately when tilted. The Lymphactive pedometer uses a Piezoelectric technology, there are no moving parts or clicking sounds. Importantly, unlike pendulum pedometers, placement of the pedometer on the waistband doesn’t need to be as exact, accuracy is not compromised if tilted up to 30 degrees.

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Wearing a pedometer is an effective motivator to encourage you to get up and get active

easy to use

Keeping track of your steps with Lymphactive Pedometer is simple and manageable. Just clip it on your waist and go.

  • Set your unique stride length
  • Multi-function features a large LCD display which is easy to read without removing the pedometer from your waistband
  • Switch between walking time, distance, walking speed, burned calories and the time easily
  • The screen will automatically turn off after 1 minute of inactivity and will turn on when working


counting every step you take

The Lymphactive Pedometer is a great way to record your steps and keep you motivated.

  • Clear instructions with only a few steps to set up
  • Comes with detachable safety strap
  • Sleek, light weight design makes it easy to carry and comfortable to wear all day
  • Strong, spring-loaded belt clip
  • Durable clamshell case design prevents accidental resets

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