Lymphactive Exercise Ball

Take it with you anywhere

The Lymphactive Exercise Ball is designed to not only exercise your hands and fingers but its specially designed slow release means it can be used when performing a wide range of exercises where a slow speed is essential.

When the ball is squeezed fully it takes 6 to 7 seconds to return to its original form. This means that the client can’t rush their exercises. It is not limited to hand exercises but can be used in combination with other exercises. For example when elevating your arm or bending your knee to chest to keep the movement slow squeeze the ball and perform the exercise to the speed of the ball returning to its original form.

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Perfect for use at home, the office or in the clinic

Soft in density

Offering low level of resistance

Research has shown that lymphatic vessel contraction is slow. Muscle contraction via exercises that are performed slowly assists lymphatic flow. The Lymphactive exercise balls will enable the exercises to be performed at the correct speed.


Other uses

  • Take it walking to assist hand/finger swelling
  • As part of a cool down component of an exercise class
  • During relaxation and mindfulness sessions
  • Take it to chemotherapy and radiotherapy to aide relaxation
  • Use it over healed scars to stretch the skin


  • Made of polyurethane (PU) and does not include Phtalates and Bisphenol (BPA)
  • Can be repeatedly compressed without losing its shape
  • 65mm round effective for all hand sizes
  • Weighs approximately30g

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